Military Communications and Electronics Museum Foundation

Fondation du Musée des communications et de l'électronique militaire

Canadian 2dolla coin both sides

Twoonie For Change

Situation: Foundation monthly donation revenue has been steadily declining an average of $47 a month as serving members retire and their pay allotments cease.

 For the first time in over a decade the Foundation will need to dip into investments reserves in order to support the Museum operations.  

Mission:  We need to CHANGE the shrinking revenue.

General Outline: Can you spare a twoonie a week?   A Monthly donation of $8.60 may not seem like much to you but it will be a world of difference to us.   Extra Change? No Problem we will gladly accept it!

Execution: Sign up for a monthly donation at They process the payments, they issue the tax receipt and together we use Toonies to Change the future for the Museum.

Command and Sigs: The choice is yours!   Donate Online with Canadahelps

In your donation comments select Twoonies for Change

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