Military Communications and Electronics Museum Foundation

Fondation du Musée des communications et de l'électronique militaire

Gifts of securities listed on prescribed public exchange, as well as bonds, mutual fund units and shares.
We can accept securities from any country, but the funds will be converted to CAD when sent to
your charities. You will always receive a Canadian tax receipt.

By donating the Securities, you pay no capital gains, your receipt is for the full value and your tax credit for the charitable donation is larger!

Compare Donation of $10,000 of securities against selling the securities and donating the cash.

If you sell the Securites first, $10K securties could leave with only $8650 after capital gains. Donaton of that cash gets a charitable receipt of $8650 and an eventual tax credit of about $3892.

By donating the $10K of securites, pay no captical gains, receive a charitable receipt for the $10k and get a tax credit of about $4500

Note: this is an example. For exact financial advice you should discuss with your personal finanncial advisor

If web forms are too confusing simply contact us and we will link you to a helpful representative.

To ensure donations are processed in time for ta 2020 tax receipt they must be submitted by  Thursday December 17th BUT our team is working on gifts right up until the end of the year!

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