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Hole in One  $10,000

While it is not possible to offer Hole in One in this tournament.  People registered in our Charity Tournament will be eligible for Hole  in One at various live charity tournaments which have partnered with us. Watch this space for eligible tournaments as they partner.  Seperate registration in that charity tournament required.


Military Communications and Electronics Museum
 Charity Golf Tournament

Where: at your favourite course  18 hole, 9 hole, any course on the globe

When: any time 1 March to 31 October 2021

Who: you and three friends

single entries are possible if you have no golfing friends


How to enter: Take your foursome out for a round of golf.

take a team photo

take  photo of your score card (be sure the course location is visible -might be important for a prize) .


Submit your team entry fee payment of $40,

(click here to enter your payment)

Charitable receipt issued to the person who pays.  Extra charitable donations are very welcome.


Individual Entries: You can also enter as an individual.  One time or daily for season members.

One time $20

Full season 1 Mar to 31 Oct 2021 - $400

Half Season 1 Aug to 31 Oct 2021 - $250


(click here to enter your payment)


Send us an email

with your receipt,

Your team photo

your golf score card and and tell us why this foursome likes to golf together

Play more rounds with same or different foursomes, each entry just repeat above.
If you play more than 18 holes on one entry then only first 18 holes count,


Then What:  1 November 2021 we use a preset formula (already sealed) to determine a prize for every hole.

It could be best score, worse score, the 33rd team to enter or what ever formula so that how you golf really does not matter. Just getting you out and having you think about supporting the Museum is the key.

This is not a draw and no prize is guaranteed.

Submission of your entry is confirmation that your photo and names can be posted on Foundation public media.


What are the prizes

They will continue to grow as more people enter and more sponsors become engaged.


Currently $400 in the pot.



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