Military Communications and Electronics Museum Foundation

Fondation du Musée des communications et de l'électronique militaire

Tired of getting more Stuff?

Turn your special occassion into support for the Museum Foundation.  Ask your friends to make a donation in your name in lieu of personal gifts that you really don't need or want.

Celebrating Life!

Not everyone can travel to a funeral or celebration of life event, but if you designate the Military C&E Museum Foundation as an expression of remembrance they can participate where ever they are.  Give them a positive alternative to be involved.

Retiring Soon?

Don't let your pay allotment just disappear. Convert it to a monthly donation on your credit card, you get your annual charitable tax receipt and your credit card rewards.

  Celebrate your retirement by continuing your support of the Branch Museum.

Happy Birthday!  Happy Anniversary! Happy Retirement! Merry Christmas

For information on how to make this happen,

contact our Foundation staff, they will be happy to assist.

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