Military Communications and Electronics Museum Foundation

Fondation du Musée des communications et de l'électronique militaire


The Military C&E Museum Foundation provides financial support to the Military Communications and Electronics Museum to fulfill its mission to receive, preserve and display equipment, artifacts and documents pertaining to military communications and electronics concerning Canada or Canadians. The Foundation also provides financial support to further the general morale and welfare of Canadian military C&E personnel by supporting appropriate amenities and activities.


The Foundation is committed to providing the necessary financial support to sustain the operation of the Military C&E Museum, including its education program and improvement projects.

A Canadian Registered Charity and Not for Profit organisation the Chairman and Directors are unpaid volunteers who have a keen interest in the success of the Communiations and Electronics Museum and the services which the Communications and Electronics Branch provides in support of Branch personnel.

To contact the Foundation Chairman or any of the Directors please use the information on the contact page.

For information specific to the Military C&E Museum visit their website linked here

To Contact the Branch Office use our contact link and we will relay the message

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